Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop App Reviews

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Useful everyday

I use this app many times a day, it really is a lifesaver! Thank you and keep up the good work please!

Absolutely simple and useful. fantastic.

Absolutely simple and useful. fantastic.

This is the most used tool I’ve ever had.

Works great, saves me tons of time. The only time I had some glitches I got a very quick and efficient response from the developer. Recommend for anyone.


I love this app. Simplifies my life

Great app!

Very useful, fast and nice support. Worth it.


One of those few productivity applications that just sit there, dont get in your way and reliably do their job; couldnt live without it. Great job!


Great little tool that is hard to do without once you get used to it. In particular, its very handy for conveniently dragging-dropping stuff between apps in fullscreen or between the desktop and app windows.

Absolutely must have!

Great increase in productivity with this piece of-the Great software. Fantastic support From The Developers. Recommended 100%!

Excellent little app

This app fills a hole that currently exists with drag and drop in Mac OS X. When moving files between nested folders, this app performs admirably.

No options, no autorun, $2 overpaid.

It has no AUTOLOAD. Youll have to run it manually all the time, very annoying.

This is what I call: "Money well spent"

It really increases the efficiency of anyones workflow. Great, and affordable app. A must buy app. Thanks to the developers.

Tried a whole 5 minutes

and purchased it. Definitely useful for those using a Magic Mouse or Trackpad to prevent dropping the files before reaching destination. Kudos! As for the person complaining about no AutoLoad, simply add Yoink to Login Items in System Prefs; it will then fire up after each boot or restart.


Very simple to use. Run it, dump files to it and pull them out from another app or screen.



Great app

Works very well! Its really useful when I have to drag files using the trackpad. Even with a mouse it makes a lot easier since I dont have to worry about dropping the file in the wrong spot while reaching for the right folder. Plus, awesome AWESOME job on the new version! Much better!

Great! one missing option..

So glad to have found this app! Simple and Useful! Please add an option to display Yoinks window on the bottom edge of the screen. For those of us who have the dock appear on the sides..

Was good in Lion but now I hate it in Mountain Lion.

I was always using Yoink in Lion. That software was fabulous. When I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I immediately instaled this app but did not like the result in Mountain Lion: Everytime I switch spaces with scrolling right or left the software will appear for 3 seconds. Im not dragging anything and only switching spaces but it does appear everytime for 3 sec. Then I stopped using it as it was so annoying. I was expecting it to be fixed to todays update, but this is not the case. The same bug is still present in this release. I hope it will get fixed soon as I would like to continue to use this software.

Perfect, but not retina ready.

The only thing this needs is retina graphics. Right now the icons are blurry on my new rMBP. Awesome software otherwise.

tried hard to like it and failed

Over a period of many weeks, this app slowly started to drive me nuts, because it’s in the way three times more often than it’s useful. It is absolutely amazing how often it pops up right over whatever you want to drag to. And who has time to endlessly tweak per app settings to try to deal with this? Sorry Yoink, but in the end I found I’m just better off with the perfectly good built-in tools. Exposé in general does a great deal. And a hot corner for Desktop Exposé is a very powerful thing …

Brilliant Utility

I love this app. I use it quite heavily on my Macbook Airs fairly small screen. Very handy for dropping things from one app to another. I even end up using this on my larger 27" monitor. Works well in full screen mode too.

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